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2006 Chess Retreat -

Standing: Jon Haskel President Florida Chess Association; Beatriz Marinello Former President USCF; Tim Redman Former President USCF representing

college chess; Rourke O'Brien President AF4C; Steve Shutt Co-Chair Scholastic Council; Joel Berez President ICC; Harold Winston Chairman US Chess Trust;

Mike Nolan USCF Data Base Consultant; Casey Steinbacher Retreat Facilator; Mikhail Korenman Exec Director Chess for Peace Foundation;

Michael Khodarkovsky, President Kasparov Chess Foundation; Robert Tanner USCF Secretary; Seated: Bill Hall, USCF Executive Director; Don Schultz,

Vice Pres. USCF; Joel Channing USCF VP Finance; Joel Benjamin, former US Chess Champion; Dan Lucas, Editor Chess Life; Bill Goichberg, USCF President

Missing: Jerry Hanken, President CJA and GIL Luna, Hall of Fame




Above Left: Gil Luna, Joel Channing, Tim Redman,  Jerry Hanken, Beatriz Marinello, Steve Shutt, Bill Goichberg, Casey Steinbacher 

Above Right: Casey Steinbacher conducting Retreat session







Above Left: 2006 FIDE VC at work in Athens, Lakhdar Mazouz, chair; Davis Jarrett, Treasurer and Don Schultz

Above Right: GM Arnold Denker's last chess game. Tim Redman and Don Schultz lost a consultation match with

Arnold on Dec. 13, 2004. One month short of his ninety-first birthday, Arnold passed away Jan. 2, 2005.




Best Restaurant



My favorite restaurant above. It is  in Paris two blocks from the Concord Layfayett Hotel.Inexpensive! Great atmosphere.

No reservation, must wait on line - 20 to 30 minutes. One meal - Entrecote Steak and Frites - Delicious!

Served with excellent wine -they keep serving more wine and steak until you say otherwise As for the deserts - the very best.



Below are some photos from Mikhail Gorbachev's 2005 visit to Lindsborg, Kansas



Above:  Teresa and Don getting ready for Gorbachev parade;

Below: Gorbachev kissing Susan Polgar and Gorbachev at

Chess for Peace Luncheon with Don



Below: World Champion Anatoly Karpov, Gorbachev, Teresa and Donald

on Viewing stand- Chess for Peace Parade, Lindsborg, Kansas



My Photo Gallery


Text Box: Teresa and Donald on viewing stand with World Champion 
Anatoly Karpov and Mikhail Gorbachev







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This site was last updated 06/11/07