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Among the many reviews of Chess were some highly complimentary reviews appearing in major newspapers by staff columnists and syndicated chess journalists that can’t be reproduced here in their entirety because of copyright restrictions. Here are some comments from a few of the more well known:      Boston Globe by Harold Dondis__”. . . […]


Calvia Meeting Report November 12, 2004 What happened to USCF’s no-confidence motion? The US no-confidence motion was a two part motion. The first part was a non-conditional expression of dissatisfaction in FIDE’s leadership and a conditional statement of no-confidence in FIDE President Ilyumzhinov. The condition was that FIDE be paid the money owed to it […]

Fountain Of Youth Chess Festival

CHESS PREVENTS ALZHEIMER”S DISEASE FOUNTAIN of YOUTH CHESS FESTIVAL FEATURING United States Over-Eighty Match Championship and QUAD FOR OVER 70 YOUNGSTERS _________________________________________ United States Over-Eighty Match Championship A few years back, Grandmaster Arnold Denker shocked the chess world by pointing out, in a letter to the editor of Chess Life, that over his entire lifetime […]

Chess for Peace

Gorbachev Visits Lindsborg, Kansas US Chess needs a few more organizers like Mikhail Korenman. Wow has he done agreat job of promoting chess in the tiny town of Lindsborg, Kansas (pop. 3,000). First he brings the Anatoly Karpov Chess Academy there, then starts an International Chess for Peace program and most recently brings Mikhail Gorbachev […]

Senior Open

The 2004 Senior Open and a Birthday Party The US Senior Open is traditionally blessed with wonderful players who enjoy competition and the camaraderie of old friendships renewed. Holding the Senior in conjunction with Arnold Denker’s 90th birthday celebration seemed logical and turned out to be a good match in every way. The Planning My […]

Sample Game

Best Game Judith Polgar won the Best Game award with her win over A. Mathe of France in round 7. Denker describes it as a typical example of Judith’s attacking style. Polgar Judith (HUN) – Mathe A. (FRA) Fond Du Lac, WI, 1990 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 e6 3. d4 cd 4. Nxd4 Nc6 […]

Fide Verification Commission  

Verification Commission Nicola Palladino (Italy), Chairman Israel Gelfer (Israel) Don Schultz (USA) Click on your choice! 2002 Verification Commission Report August 11, 2002 The Verification Commission met in Lausanne on Saturday, June 8. Chairman Nicola Palladino (Italy) and members Israel Gelfer (Israel) and Don Schultz (USA) were in attendance. Also present were Treasurer David Jarrett […]

Dubai Olympiad

At the 1984 FIDE Congress in Thessalonika, Greece, it was announced that Venezuela would be unable to host the 1986 Olympiad. Campomanes said that he had awarded the Olympiad to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It would be in Dubai. This was explosive news since the UAE Chess Federation could not guarantee the participation of […]

Elect Brochure

Don Schultz, Candidate for the USCF Executive Board My Program The Executive Board should stick to policy matters, establish goals, review performance and report to the membership. Let the Executive Director manage and make operational decisions. When I became USCF President in 1996, I arranged for confidential independent interviews of all employees for purposes of […]