Chessdon Song


Below are the lyrics to the CHESSDON song. My very good friend, Arun Bhagwat, presented the song at my 70th birthday party. Arun, a retired IBM executive is making a name for himself as a one man band on the west coast of Florida.

To play the music hit “here” above. It may take a few seconds to download the file. It is also possible your browser or computer may not be able to handle the format though the formats that are used .ra or .wma are fairly general. Photo is a picture of Arun (on left) and another friend Ed Skiko playing the music and singing the song at the birthday party.

ChessDon oh ChessDon, he’s flying the skies

Spreading the word, chess board by his side

Philippines (Stuttgart, Fond du Lac) to Dubai, Malaysia, Peru

Bobby Fischer get ready for round number 2


There was Imelda crooning in a gala soiree

Sultan of Dubai with his one cup café

Belly dancers were missing, boring bus ride back home

Camel races would surely have been much more fun


Big blue assignments, Brussels and Paris

Madame Van Cuyck and Michelle Goris

Hat parties, El Poncho and bear stories too

Comme Chez Soir, Villa Lorraine, Bruges and Waterloo


Two books behind him, an author renown

Ocean waves gently lapping his Beach Walk East home

Surrounded by old pals, Joel and Skiko

Framma and Frampa. . .au revoir winter snow


ChessDon oh ChessDon, he’s flying the skies

Spanning the globe, Terez by his side

Chess ambassador super-extra-ordinaire

Spreading the word with a wonderful flair


Kasparov, Campomanes, fireworks guaranteed

Supporter Dato Tan Chin Nam when there was a need

Crack tournament planner Carol Jarecki

Special breed, those chess folks go down in history

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